Camping And Interior Design – Can We Learn From Each Other?

Reading that headline might make you think we’ve lost the plot, but we’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to the things that traditionally put a lot of people off camping. The biggest reason we hear relates to the lack of convenience – after all, certain people will always struggle to see the benefit of leaving their en suite bathroom at home for a couple of weeks while they live in a field and have to trek across a field in the middle of the night to use to ‘bathroom’.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how comfortable we can make a tent, it’s never quite going to match the creature comforts of home, or boast the level of interior design that we’ve become accustomed to.

That’s fine though, for the rest of us, we can reach a happy compromise. Whether that’s a basic break with little more than the tent itself to shelter from the elements, or to get loads of camping luxuries (including that portable toilet to use in the tent during the night), it does allow us to customise the camping experience to a fairly large extent.

It’s not interior design in the sense that we think of when painting the living room or buying new furniture, but it does give us a great chance to personalise an otherwise standard issue tent.

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